Hotel Bloom!


Hotel BLOOM! has been completely renovated. Our goal is to develop and launch an attractive concept for Hotel Bloom!, of the Pandox group on the already active market of Brussels, targeting Generation Y, above all. Millenials tend to avoid spending money in hotels and prefer to use solutions like AirBnb. The aim was to show Gen Y that hotels can provide a unique experience that AirBnb just can’t.

We also increased direct bookings and decreased the part of third-party websites.

Our Idea

In addition to the transformation into a boutique hotel, we launched Art 'n BLOOM, a fresh concept that placed BLOOM! In the spotlight of the Brussels hotel sector. The aim is to attract Millenials through a recurring event for which the entire first floor of the hotel is taken over by artists, completely in sync with the philosophy of storydoing that puts our brand in action. Each month, a different theme is featured that has a link with the Gen Y universe. Guest artists get a room and can do whatever they want (exhibition, workshop, customization ...).


The public has steadily expanded from Brussels to international. Direct bookings have soared to 30%, higher rate in hotels today. In 2012, Hotel BLOOM! was elected as the 13th "trendiest" hotel in the world, 7th in Europe and #1 in Belgium amongst Generation Y. This also gave the hotel a strong base of Facebook-fans who not only follow the brand, but who also frequently interact with it.

Latest works