Jack Lives Here


Jack Daniel’s is one of the most well-known spirit brands in the world. Despite it being renowned, the American brand is struggling to attract Millennials who are not fond of whiskey. Our challenge was to amplify the Jack Daniel's festival activities through social media.


Jack Lives Here.

Jack Daniel's goes to Belgian rock festivals and invites every friend of his to join him for drinks, music and shows. We were present with an activation booth which was a bar on the inside, complete with a Jukebox and Jack Daniel's dancers. These activities were amplified with an online campaign where we; invite friends of Jack to the festivals, broadcast what is happening there, and share memories afterwards by posting pictures and aftermovies.

We invited our consumers with 2 contests giving away tickets to Dour & Pukkelpop. Based on the understanding that, for youngsters, whiskey is less often enjoyed during hot days, we adapted our communication. Our focus for content during the festivals was on the Lynchburg Lemonade, a fresh Jack infused lemonade, the perfect drink for a hot festival environment.


The campaign was well received by youngsters online. All our communication combined we reached 2.4 million of them. We put our videos in the spotlight and achieved 1.1M video views. Jack also enjoyed about 32.000 engagements with its consumers through likes, comments and shares.

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