Joepie, the Persgroep magazine of the Flemish Gen Z, started a big change. After a fresh lay-out, the brand also created a smartphone-app. The goal was to launch the app and boost sales of the magazine at the same time.

Our Idea

After market research and focus group discussions, it emerged that our adolescents often feel misunderstood by their parents. That’s why we decided to put the emphasis on what the magazine does best: understanding Gen Z and answering all their questions. Joepie is getting even closer to them with their new app.

The campaign included video (TV and web), bannering, radio and print as well as a making of-video. Because Joepie doesn’t want to be a brand that dictates teens what to do, think or say, the videos were not scripted and Joepie decided to give the youth an honest and loud voice to let them explain their teen lives.

The strength of this campaign lies in the media plan and content that adapts each time.


Generation Z finally felt understood by the media. They discovered that Joepie is more than a magazine, they’re an honest brand that converses, interacts, and tries to understand them.

Latest works