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Having toured in different cities and events (Cannes Lions, Eurobest, D&AD London, Brand Week Istanbul, New York, Stockholm...), 20Something's creative director, Benoît Vancauwenberghe is back to Brand Week Istanbul 2017 with a brand new talk: Forget everything you've learned about Millennials, which helps brands understand and communicate towards young consumers.

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Forget everything you’ve learned about Millennials.
Just when you thought you were starting to understand Millennials, you’re told to forget it all. A new generation is arriving, and it might be the last one. This talk will help you, as a brand, to better understand and communicate towards young consumers.

Your mum can’t get you a promotion

As new talent, you are accused by companies of being entitled, unfocused, and disloyal. But do they really understand you?

If they don’t, it’s your responsibility to explain yourself better. Don’t wait for others to give you what you want.

This workshop helps you, as new talent, to decide where you want to go, how to develop your own brand and how to turn your rational strengths into an emotional story. You won’t have to ask your mother what to do anymore.

Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start.

May Gen Y be with you

By 2020, 66% of Millennial employees expect to leave their company.
They feel underutilised and believe they’re not being developed as leaders. Generation Y is not impressed by the prestige of a business anymore.

However, Millennials represent the largest share of the workforce and a growing number of them now occupy senior positions. Their view on business has become more than just an academic interest.

This workshop explores the difficulties while working with new talent, how you can grow your company through them and how to get the most out of this group of employees.

They are no longer leaders of tomorrow, but leaders of today.

I got replaced by an intern

One day, I woke up as a 35 year old creative director without an office, somebody else was driving my big company car and an intern was leading our biggest client meeting of the year.

So what the hell happened?

5 years ago, 20Something started as an advertising agency run by students. Today, we developed into an atypical brand communications agency that puts talented youngsters at the heart of the business. Wa all know that working with Generation Y & Z means another way of working, another culture with different values, and a different relationship with clients, but everybody keeps their old, ageing habits.

Go big or go home

Markets are changing and big players are being overtaken by companies that changing the game. It's not the big who eat the small but the fast who eat the slow. Disruptive innovation happens overnight.

Being a Game Changer is about; dreaming big, starting small, but most of all starting.

I will explain how you as a person or as a company can be a Game Changer, through my own experiences and those of our agency, 20Something.

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