Limo Granini


Limo is the new lemonade by Eckes Granini-Group and it needs to be known.

Our Idea

The Limo communication plan is inspired by the product. Limo communicates with authenticity. Limo is a lemonade. Limo is a marketing team that sells its product. The Limo graphic universe also meets this principle: it's drawn without fuss, it doesn't into detail. On Facebook, this idea is translated by the marketing team who wants to sell more and more Limo, by all means.
In TV and web campaign, the goal was to let young people discover the brand through a simple and repetitive message. Who would dare to say that he did not understand what Limo was? 🙂


Very good reception of this communication strategy on social networks. The public takes the game and ensures fun interaction with the brand.

Latest works