Party Flights


When Gen Y travels, they don’t see the added value of a company like Brussels Airlines compared to low-cost airlines. Brussels Airlines wouldn’t even be on their list of potential companies. So they asked us to increase awareness and prove that their brand is relevant to young people.

Our Idea

We established a strategic partnership with Tomorrowland to become their official airline company. We introduced the Party Flights, with the objective to extend the experience of the festival to the airplane: we had a fairy hostess at the redecorated boarding door, crew worthy of the best fairy tales, a giant crop circle near the airstrip and Brussels Airport decorated with the colours of the festival. A live DJ-set during the flight was the key moment of the experience. 

To get the brand top-of-mind once more during the festival, we placed the largest Ferris wheel in Europe right next to the podium. A view over Tomorrowland and the region made the party animals share Brussels Airlines on their social networks. In addition, all the official photo series of Tomorrowland included the Ferris wheel - a perfect brand integration with the festival. 

By becoming an official partner, the contract ensured Brussels Airlines’ visibility alongside the festival: press conferences, publications, social media ... (Paid)

From our side, we ensured the publicity of Party Flights on the website of the company, their social networks and the b.there Magazine. (Owned)

The impact from the first ad exceeded all expectations. Fans of Tomorrowland instantly became fans of Brussels Airlines: Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and newspapers; our client was everywhere. (Earned)


The Party Flights have become a must for foreign festival-goers who are always the first to get their tickets. As Brussels Airlines is their official partner, we have the credibility of Tomorrowland amongst Gen Y and we have not had to launch large communication campaign to sell the entire ticket alloted to the festival.

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