Plate-forme Prévention SIDA


In a clearly different context as that of the 80s and 90s, our challenge was to communicate about the medical advances in the field of HIV treatment to a wide audience that shows mixed knowledge of the subject. We noticed that while people were still scared of the HIV virus, they were not able to rationally explain why. Today, by seeking adequate treatment, one’s viral load (term used to describe the amount of HIV in one’s blood) can become so low that it is said to be undetectable to tests and, therefore, untransmittable. 

The campaign’s challenge was to succeed in encouraging people that are HIV positive to seek treatment, to let the general public now that the virus can now be contained in order to reduce its stigma and to promote combined prevention, all of that with the use of a single message.


First, it should be mentioned with pride that out of the two creative ideas submitted during the pitch, it was our Limited Editions’ (our lovely interns) idea that was selected.

Given people’s uneven knowledge of the subject, we set out to tell the story of a person seeking treatment in an intuitive way. We said to ourselves, what if our life was depicted by a subway line with every stop corresponding to a step in our personal story. For a person living with the HIV virus, there would be an HIV positive stop by which he/she would have been through at some point in his/her life. Once this stop is behind that person, this person can embark on a path that will lead him/her to untransmittability and to a promise of a better life. To get this idea across, we developed a coherent visual universe revolving around this idea of subway lines to tell two different stories via prints, radio spots, and TV/Digital spots.

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