Active since 1995, Skikot has lost market share over the years and saw its sales figures drop. The aim was to reconnect Gen Y with the brand in the authentic Skikot style.

Our Idea

Streamlining communication turned out to be the best and most coherent option. Their communication used to be chaotic and often consisted of "private jokes" that were not understood by potential new customers. The Facebook account has since been completely redesigned like the rest of the communication, all to catch the attention of Gen Y. We also created a series of activations in Belgium to develop awareness around the brand. We organized contests in ski lifts in major student cities all over the country, where we also distributed new qualitative merchandising.


For the first time in 10 years, sales have stopped declining despite a catastrophic weather situation this year (little or no snow). The merchandising, meanwhile, has been a huge success since "Skikotteurs" were almost fighting to get it - Skikot was bombarded with emails asking how they could get them.

Latest works