AWSR Youngsters Week-ends


We often tend to avoid making a remark to friends or relatives about their inability to get behind the wheel because we just don’t dare. 1 in 2 drivers tested for alcohol following a car accident is positive and 1 in 4 is positive for drug use. Therefore, the purpose of this campaign is to highlight the role that one’s entourage can play and especially to encourage them to express themselves.


In the first video, a party animal imagines the worst possible outcome if he were to let his friend who had a few drinks get behind the wheel. Fortunately, this horrible vision makes him make the right decision.
The situation takes place in a quirky universe full of tacky costumes.

In the rest of the videos, our costumed friends give their advice to their drunk friends so that the party can end well. We use once more an of-the-wall tone of voice to convey a message that otherwise would have been of no interest to our target.

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