AWSR Youngsters Winter


AWSR (Road Safety Agency Wallonia) wants to stop youngsters from 18 to 25 from taking the wheel when they are not in a condition to drive. We know however that it is difficult to reach this target with a message they've heard multiple times before. AWSR wanted to move away from the moralizing tone a lot of campaigns use. The goal of this campaign is thus that a maximum number of 18-25 year olds have seen the message.


They might look stupid, but tomorrow they'll wake up.
The idea is to show youngsters in ridiculous situations after a party, with a shocking twist at the end. We illustrate that the most ridiculous situation of all is dying in a car crash because you weren't in a condition to drive.

To make sure our campaign is as effective as possible we decided to try a single video edited 2 different ways. One is a classic ad where the message becomes clear gradually and the other is a TOP 5 video where the message comes at the end. The classic ad was better for engagement while the TOP 5 had done better to achieve our goal. More people had watched the TOP 5 video up until the message.


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